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Demo Reel
by Johnathan Carr

Words are... um... awesome!
Read this book and you'll get me better.

BRAIN FREEZERS ... that's some cold stuff!
BRAIN DEFROSTERS ..."what" is a four-letter word
JOURNAL ENTRIES ... thoughts tripping land mines
BEAT POETRY ... beaten like eggs

TURBULENT ACID ZEN ... never you mind
DAVE'S DREAM really happened

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BRAIN FREEZERS ...I feel a chill coming on...

~ Fiction is truth
Truth is perception
Ignorance is a weapon of self-deception

~ He waited his whole life and has arrived at the Final Confusion.
But wow what a party. Try to see things the way they were meant to be.

~ Don't trust the cars to get out of your way
Don't trust that everyone is aware of you wherever you are

~ I believe that we define our lives by our struggle
not our ends because there is no end.
The end implies stasis, and life is not meant to be static.

~ It was the end of the world
when he changed his mind

~ Try to believe in a world without time. Where everything happens at once.
All the happiest moments of your life happen all at the same time.
They are not memories, but peripheral glimpses into another dimension.
That which we call the past is to the side of our vision, and that which we call the future is behind us.
The present is what our senses are trained to respond to.

~ Everything is backwards. If the future is in front of us, why canít we see it?
And if thepast is behind us, then how do we see it at all?

~ Sometimes the spirit cannot be evoked except through great tragedy and anguish. 

~ Eat the last thought cookie and end in peace. Sure.

~ There are seven levels in an inner journey...
1 Movement of the Eyes
2 The Marmalade Discovery
3 Getting over the Loss of Fission
4 Ongoing Birdfeeders
5 An Interlude
6 Trustment of Apple Gum
7 The Final Confusion

~ Please enter the following information:
Thank you.
You are now officially a person.

~ We fight for human freedom, you know.
But weíre all a long way from knowing what that really means.

~ There is no right to die
no authority over Nature
there exists only the right
to live how one chooses

But if one chooses death as a way of life...
Nature will assume its authority

~ I donít want to live in a place of fear. I may die, but my memories live.
Fear clouds the mind and memories dissolve until there is nothing behind but a black hole.
What more are we than what we have been? And what more are we to ourselves,
than what we remember? We canít forget. We cannot forget anything.
If we hide in fear, always on alert, always looking around, looking to the sky,
then we'll only live in the present. Not in our memories. Not ourselves. 

~Years will pass as we know them
But for those who've passed their years
the time is so quick

We've no time to settle in
and rest our wings

You may move from state to state
building to building

Leaving footprints and 
kicking up dust

But before that dust has time to settle...

you're gone

and on
to the next place 

~ The---Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Odd, odd. Cornered against a tree?
Not if EYE(balls) have anything to

Back off Beau Bridges!
Back off Beauregard!
Baaaaacck EYE(say)!



~ As the cars skated the jagged riverbank
Fishtailing the frozen fishery

Their future in waiting...

BRAIN DEFROSTERS ...something lighter to warm your spirits...

Have you ever thought of fruit soup? I've never seen it.

Fast Tractorfish breakfast, the Fast! I can't go out today I have a headache.

Crust puncture. It will happen.

Anitunitarianisminalisticismness is not for morning people.

I'll be waiting for you on the Other Side... Cafe. the grass is always greener and
fresher and waterier. put out that light -- pilot light -- pilot's eye --
apple of his eye -- apple of sodom -- pineapple soda -- mmmmmm....

No complaints

Not another blueberry, not another beer. Not one couterpart, contrapuntal fear.
Feed the hungry lemurs and paint red the hens.
Count on your chickens when the Day of Days ends. 

{Oh fooryoourloove fooryoourloove, I would ____________n___(z) the stars aboove.
[fill in the blank(z)]}

Trustsponges! Pour out the grapejuice, Freidman! Foo Gaza Tripp--get out of here. Train keep on turnin'... Rain fire and it's burnin'... Burnin' like the river... River Alchemea!... Won't come and join me?... Come on out and play-ah?... Soup's on me... and you're all a tomato... ...Where the hell is this going? Goodness, gracious, great balls of peanut butter! Ugh, why must you drown me in my sleep? Just give me five more minutes... What is going on up there...? Die, doppleganger!! Ooga booga. Slipping down aisle 12, can you please let me have some ice cream? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? I'll die if i don't get some ice cream! Goareboeplooopbaragg!! GOof! WHahWahhWhaaWhahaWhhhhA I am in finger sandwhiches! eat eat eat eat eat! maybe my tru blu book scenario is the temple of doom.... ? was that a question! Greetings from the BPL! The land of KNOWLEDGE!! And fruit pies, I'm sure.... must... find... fruits...pies!! 15 years? when did that happen? Why is it all backwards? I am not in a backwards mood. is it dark EVERYWHERE?!! I will go quietly... JOURNAL ENTRIES ...once upon a time when I had an online journal... the dead of winter Jan. 28th, 2005|11:20 pm [ mood | cloudy ] rexipe yum some sugar frozen crust nibble munch crunch swallow ice cube pie molecules skim singe crash burn burst he who doesn't laugh is not worthy to die thots Nov. 21st, 2004|11:55 pm [ mood | out of my mind ] [ music | stay (over and over and over in my head) ] water, water at the door this b-world that i endure breaking, tearing roads apart going mad i know for sure this place isn't on my chart snowball? snowfall? Oct. 23rd, 2004|01:35 am The past pulled up in a car and i got in. Did I change anything? Could I change anything? Could I stop the snow from falling? It will fall harder every time until we stop reliving the past yes it was a dream and what difference does it make You are here: Mar. 19th, 2004|06:06 pm [ mood | thoughtful ] [ music | "wake up dead man" ] in the middle of a spinning vortex eating firecrackers at a cannibal parade alone at the beach drowning in sunshine killing time with second-hand smoke spelunking a cavity in temptation's sweet tooth where are YOU? had a dream Aug. 11th, 2002|10:27 pm that i was condemned to die as i run through the darkness laughing at my own fear i am stripped of electricity children are closest to God and i smile with them another story to tell your children and God smiles life at the bone is bliss silence? NO DATE so here I am in total silence, except for the humming of the refidgerator, the hum of the computer, the hum of the incandescent lamps and flourescent lamps, the ticking of the broken clock in the kitchen, the occasional creeking step or moving wall, the very distant and sparatic hums of city and hignway traffic, the ultrasonic eminating from the computer's monitor, the occasional radiator clanging and release of steam, circkets, the occasional sound of a car pulling into a nearby driveway, my typing, my heartbeat, my breathing, my swallowing, my whispering to myself, my occasional coughing and weezing, the digestion of my post-midnight snack (ramen, bad idea), the sound of frustration/emptiness/loss/despair/bad dreams/confusion the sound of paranoia BEAT POETRY ...a couple surreal slash beatnik poems from back in the day ... The Fish by The Mfish We lost them. We lost them all. Fish have the right of way On our Arteries Television hints our demise into the ice cream of green (?) When it leaves the bulb to slurp some zinc. Where it grows, leaves heads, camps; breeding, lynching. Messed have doom to greet mesh gates. The steaks are chained They are tough empty cans into melted lemon glass. mince meatball gnu boy gets gift cow milks corn go dog go stop the produce produce the sign full. gone. blown. We lost them. We lost them all. migraine by The Mfish Squeezin outta big sky cheese Blue flowin through the head Takin off with glued heels Sides shakin with syrup and crust Dolphins and minnows; wavesí bye-bye Collecting at bottom blue, an urchin or two Thirsty sky; no cold steaks, no dice Lucid rivers flow through fruit-pickin keys Canvas flowers Wax fruit White noises More noses Please untie poor old Moses Hubcap-holdin broken glass shore Cold cup drippin shower Dipís head in dips Q-tips of dynamite Ka Boom.