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Human piano assembles in Worcester!
Ghosts on YouTube!
August 1, 2008
Oh yes, a tremendous couple of weeks of preproduction, and an amazing weekend of filming the Gabe Dixon Band "Till You're Gone" music video. I was in charge of the 45 extras we had on that day who had to form a row of human-sized piano keys. I also plotted the entire song note-for-note as it was played and would be filmed in stop-motion, frame-by-frame. It was awesome. I'll have a pix link soon to show you some behind-the-scenes stuff.

Also, my music video for Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts Film Festival was approved for their group on YouTube. Does that mean Mr. Reznor himself has seen my work? Hmmm... I don't know. But you can see it right here. The quality isn't perfect so I am planning on uploading an mov file on my site soon for download.

I'll have that available along with a few other updates to the site very shortly. It's been a long couple of months and now things seem to be winding down a little. Good thing? Hmmm...

Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts" video pre-pro! Updates soon!June 6, 2008
Hey everybody! I'm in the pre-production phase of my music video for Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts Film Festival on YouTube. I'm choregraphing a dance piece with my good friend, Olivia Rizzo, for the "Ghosts" track and soon I'll be scouting some locale for the shoot. It's going to rock!

Also, Zhura and Improv Asylum have teamed up once again to produce a second "You Wrote It, Live" show, a live sketch comedy show written entirely by YOU!
Go to their site for more info!

Still waiting on Omar to get done with his Shakespeare stuff to start "Steamhander" - can't wait for that!

And congratulations to my good friend, Arika, for graduating from Harvard Graduate School of Education!! So proud of you!!

"You Wrote It Live" April 12th! Projects on the horizon!April 10, 2008
So lots of stuff just around the corner, people. Don't think that just because I've got this job now, that I'm not constantly making movies in my sleep! (that didn't sound right) I've got two video challenges I'm very excited about, Paolo Coelho's Witch of Portobello and Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts as well as a few other videos on the back burner.

Comfortable with the story outline we've concocted, Myssi and I have finally started the episode writing of my top secret radio drama.

And in other news... Zhura and Improv Asylum have teamed up to produce "You Wrote It, Live" a live sketch comedy show written entirely by YOU!

"You Wrote It, Live"
Saturday, April 12th at 12 MIDNIGHT
at Improv Asylum in the North End
216 Hanover Street, Boston, MA

And I'll be there filming the whole show!

New camera finally here! Mfish lands job at Zhura!February 9, 2008
Wow, lots to catch up on.

The new camera has arrived! That is to say, it arrive-d and then went away again and then came back! Let me explain. I got a brand new DVX-100 from New York just in time to shoot Second Shift performing at Arisia 2008 an episode of their radio drama. I started filming the rehearsal and ZOP!! the camera conked out. "F#@K," I thought, "Not again." But I sent the defective camera back to New York and they sent me a new brand new one lickity split. And I have a good feeling this one is healthy.

I was going to be filming a movie with Omar, but he's really really busy with his new Shakespeare Now troupe so I don't know how likely that will be.

I've submitted a preliminary letter of inquiry to the LEF Foundation for a grant to make my new documentary about rescue robots. But I'm having trouble staying in touch with my robo contact. So that is a little frustrating.

In the meantime, I've got two other projects that are looking good. My friend Chris Hallock approached me with a short film project he wants to do and I am thrilled. More on that later...

I've also started writing my top secret radio drama miniseries with my good friend, Myssi Cerebi. This will be awesome.

And I've started a new job! Go to to learn more about that.

Zhura goes live! Mfish gets airtime! D3 in homestretch!December 11, 2007
The new collaborative screenwriting website Zhura has gone live! Throw away that pirated copy of Final Draft and go sign up on Zhura right now and start writing!

And while you're there, you can watch the two promos I did for them, the stream-of-consciousness Our Movie and the hilarious Writers' Dilemma which I am proud to say I produced as a television advertisement for the website and is airing this week on cable in the Greater Boston area on channels like Comedy Central, SpikeTV, FX, MTV, and others. Rock on!

Daemon 3 is rounding the last corner and will be done very soon. Then I get my new camera and its Hander-time...

Dæmon 3 wraps CSI style B-roll! Zhura rocks my world!November 15, 2007
Dæmon 3 has wrapped secondary photography, i.e. the CSI inspired footage that will illustrate the main character's crime scene paranoia! After a field trip to the CSI exhibit at the Museum of Science, I got just the motviation I needed for the film's homestretch. Hope to have a new cut by Thanksgiving.

Also a new website which I've been beta-testing held a contest last month to produce a promo for them. This is the "Top Secret Project" I told you all about earlier. Well, the cat is slowly crawling out of the bag and even though you can't see the film right now, I can tell you that it won the contest! Hopefully by December the site will go live and you can all enjoy Our Movie!

Top Secret "Z" project makes headway; D3 rough cut...October 15, 2007
One of many top secret projects wrapped principle photography this past weekend and things are looking good (though I haven't looked at the footage yet). Other projects are delayed for the time being. Wish I could say more, but alas: TOP SECRET!

I did manage to rough cut Daemon 3 for the big Foghorn Studio meeting last weekend and it went over very well! Looking forward to inspiration from the CSI exhibit at the Science Museum soon.

Douglas wraps; more projects just around the corner...September 16, 2007
Douglas wraps production! Now it's off to post! Candyflip has yet to be picked up for any festival, but the night is young.

Remember those top secret projects I mentioned? Well, they are all picking up steam (literally...) and the details will soon be unveiled. In the meantime, I'll give you a little preview: robots, doppelgangers, Greek tragedy, super-steam and Web 2.0!

And now I'm off to build a better world for the future and a better future for tomorrow! See you when I'm 26!

Screenshots new and old! Top secret prepro underway!August 18, 2007
Hey there! I've posted a bunch of new screengrabs from Zelda and Zii as well as imagery from some older projects ("Project 10", "Umbra", "Showcase" and "Spilled Milk") which you're all seeing for the first time. In addition, I've added pix from featured projects like "The Ends of the Earth" and "Dæmon" all onto the Portfolio Master List. Now when you browse the page, you get a real sense of the evolution of my technique as a visual artist.

And there seem to be a couple projects on the horizon...


More to come...


2nd Shift swims with Mfish! Doug wraps principle photog!July 29, 2007
This was a busy week, but despite some last minute near-fallouts we managed to wrap principle photography for Douglas! More scenes to come next month! Check out screenshots on the Myspace site!

Also, my guest directing an upcoming episode of Second Shift went swimmingly! The second season episode three will be out soon, but the fifth episode (which I directed) won't be out for about 6 weeks or so. If you haven't already, start listening to the show! I promise you'll love it!

Candyflip teasers online! Mfish to helm "Second Shift"!July 19, 2007
Two teasers for Candyflip are on YouTube right now in anticipation for their acceptance into some festivals! The videos are going out next week to a number of film fests in Boston and New York. Wish me luck! In the meantime, watch the teasers! Teaser One - Teaser Two

Also, my good friends at Second Shift have asked me to guest direct one of the episodes of their fantasy radio drama and we record next week! Listen to their podcast, it's really good!

Well, I'm off to paint a set for the Douglas movie, which is going pretty good. Two more weeks of principle photography!

Battlestar Galactica comes through! Watch it now!July 15, 2007
The video we made for the Battlestar Galactica contest is online! After 6 weeks, they've finally posted our film! Watch it online at the SciFi Channel website!

Daemon 3 blitzes though 16-hour shoot! Rock, rock on!July 15, 2007
Filming of "Daemon: Waking Darkness" went spectacularly. We left at 6 in the morning and went all day, filming in four different locations, finally wrapping at 10pm. We had a nice 25-minute hike in the woods to the main location and luckily the weather was fantastic. This was the first film shoot for our makeup artist, Arika Cohen, who did an amazing job making up our victims. Check out stills Pavlik took during the filming.

Would you like some Freedom Fries with all this catchup?June 9, 2007
Where to start?

We had the Cambridge Friends School 8th grade production of Arika Cohen's original work, Bloody Mary. It was awesome! Crazy sound effects, break-away sugar glass and the kids did the OK Go "Million Ways" dance!

Justin Caless and I filmed an entry for the Battlestar Galactica video contest which is done and uploaded. We'll let you know as soon as it's posted. In the meantime, check out our Zelda sequel The Legend of Zelda: Zii on YouTube which premiered at the annual Warlords screening at Emerson College.

Preparation is underway for the third Dæmon film, almost completely cast. It's gonna rock so much! More to come...

Oh and in case you hadn't noticed, I redecorated the place. You noticed? Oh thank you for noticing! You're sweet.

Promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep...April 10, 2007
A successful film festival last week if I don't say so myself. I'm trying hard to convince IMDB that the fest is worthy of its database. I'm working hard on the new layout and it is sweet. I can't wait for you all to see it. And I'll have some other goodies, too.

Coming up, we have the Cambridge Friends School 8th Grade play for which I am doing some audio work. That will go up the weekend of April 27th, 28th. Then the annual Warlords screening on the 29th at 7pm at Emerson College. Always a good time!

And in the not-too-distant future, the Battlestar Galactica video contest, Zii - the Zelda sequel, Candyflip at numerous festivals, a new Daemon film, a brand new website layout, and yes folks... Mfish Productions' long anticipated radio drama serial!

Candyflip climbing heartbreak hill, praying for tailwindFebruary 11, 2007
CANDYFLIP (phase two) is heading for the homestretch. So far, no mechanical issues or solar flares. Our new deadline is the upcoming Doc Kountze Film Festival in Medford. It'll be a mixed crowd for sure -- don't know what kind of response we'll get. But it'll be a good time. Come and see!

Zii wraps, drug flashback, Lynch's bovine providenceDecember 9, 2006
Zelda 2 (or "Zii" as Matt Myers has affectionately dubbed this sequel) has wrapped. And I mean wrapped wrapped, like b-roll and all. Ball's in your court, Colby (our post FX guy).

I've begun to recut my drug documentary, Candyflip and despite an overwhelming sense that I've done this before, it's looking quite good.

Macbeth is going very well, and the performance date has been set for January 20th -- which by pure coincidence is the birthdate of my favorite director, Mr. David Lynch.

Ok, so I missed Lynch at the Brattle, but that's okay. I was filming that day and I know David would have wanted me not to skip out on my filmic responsibilities just to see him (and they were sold out anyway). But I did just see his new film INLAND EMPIRE at the Brattle and it's awesome!! Go see this movie!! His greatest head-trip since Eraserhead. And check out this promo he did with a real live cow.

Everyone loves sequels! Zelda 2... Macbeth 2...?November 9, 2006
The sequel to last summer's runaway hit "The Legend of Zelda: Lost" finished the first days of filming last weekend. We continue this coming sunday if we can nail down an office locale.

And speaking of sequels, I've begun to film with the eighth grade at Cambridge Friends School for their multimedia production of "Macbeth", check out this still from Lady Macbeth's nightmare:

Aw, yeah. Eat your heart out, Frank Miller

UPDATES? We DO need new stinking updates!October 10, 2006
Hello friends. And by friends I mean the five people who actually go to my site : ] It has been a while. Let me bring you up to speed:

= My hard drive crashed (but you aready knew that) and corrupted all the video files for my documentary. This means to continue with the re-cut I have to start from scratch.

= My Canon GL1 died. It didn't survive the heatwave we had in late July. I was filming the Film Festival in Michigan, outside in direct sunlight in 103 degrees for about an hour and it just died. The board is toast. So I'll be saving up for a new camera.

= A while back I did get a little Canon ZR just to edit with, but it actually is a decent camera. I was able to shoot my brother CJ's parkour video and just finished cutting last week. Watch it on YouTube or download it here.

= Arika and I and producing "Macbeth" with the eighth grade at Cambridge Friends School and the show will go up December 8 - 9. Oh yes, there will be blood.

= I submitted a proposal to teach a film class at Tufts Experimental College. It would be a class on adapting history to the screen. Only one in six classes get picked, so we'll see what happens. Wish me luck!

Well that's about it for solid news. There's lots other stuff in the works including sequels to Zelda and Eisen, casting and production on my radio drama, and a complete redesign of my website. See you in time... and SPACE!!

Zelda on YouTube and Mfish in Michigan!July 20, 2006
Hello Mfish fans! You can now watch the Legend of Zelda homage on YouTube! It's pretty compressed, but impressive nonetheless.

And starting July 31st, I'll be in Michigan filming the Traverse City Film Festival I had signed up a while ago to volunteer and told them I had video experience. Just a few hours ago I got the call asking if I would be interested in running around Traverse City filming the various events. Yeah, I thought about it for all of three microseconds ;]

Press Any Key? Where's the Any Key? AHHHHH!!!!July 11, 2006
For those who don't know... my hard drive has crashed. I am managing to recover some of my files, but it would appear that the media files for my documentary are inaccessible. Which means I need to re-digitize the entire film. Added to all the changes I'd plan to make, this setback is going to delay the film's final final cut another two months. So I won't make the August 15th NEFVF deadline.

I finally got the Mass Cultural Council grant check just in time to buy a new hard drive.


Candyflip rakes in $800,000,000 at the box office!June 4, 2006
Not really.

But we did have a successful premiere at Tufts University last thursday. After the crowd waited an extra 20 minutes for the last few stragglers, the screening went without a hitch. Lovely!

My plan now is to iron out the wrinkles, get an original score and the rights to use a couple songs. Then it's off to the festivals! And I am planning to revamp this site soon, so keep your eyes open between now and the end of July. The best is yet to come.

Mfish "Flips" over new dockie name! Premiere soon!May 16, 2006
Yes folks, I have come up an alternate title for my documentary on substance abuse. And many of you may not like it at first, but I promise it will grow on you: "Candyflip". It's kinda funny that it took me two months to come up with a new title, since the slang term candyflip is where I got the idea for the original title in the first place.

I had been on the fence about whether or not to change the title, and it wasn't until last week when I went to see Hard Candy that I finally decided to change it. The movie is quite unique and extremely well done -- it didn't feel right to invite confusion. So there.

And my premiere is in two weeks!

Candyflip Premiere Screening
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Tufts University
Feinleib Auditorium
in the lower level of Barnum Hall
163 Packard Ave.
Medford, MA 02155


Walking From Davis Square:
Walk up HOLLAND St. (Someday Cafe, Somerville Theater are on your left). Pass Johnny D's on your right. Walk up another three blocks or so and you'll come to a large park on your right. Keep walking on Holland to the end of the park and take a right on PAULINA St. Walk to the end of Paulina and you are at BROADWAY. Take a left on Broadway and walk half a block to the intersection of PACKARD Ave. Take a right on to Packard. Walk up eight blocks and you'll see tennis courts on your left. Cross PROFESSORS Row and you will see the Gifford house, it's really nice, tulips and such. The very next building on the right is BARNUM HALL. Enter and walk downstairs. There should be signs on doors telling you the rest.

See map for walk route: Walking from Davis Sq.

Walking is about 30-35 minutes. Or you could take the bus to get closer. Take the 94 or the 96 from Davis Sq. station and tell them to let you off at Fairmount Street (after the Tufts garage stop), it's only a 5 minute ride and gets you significantly closer.

Here is a map of the bus stops around the campus: MBTA at Tufts and then walk this way

If you are driving and you can't find a space on the street, you can park in the giant lot near Fletcher Feild on Curtis St. Though it says "permit parking" they won't ticket anyone that night and if they do, let me know. See maps for details:

Campus Map
Parking around Tufts campus
Reception and discussion will follow the screening.

See you there!!!!!

Cha-ching! A successful weekend for Mfish and Co.!!May 2, 2006
The two shows at Cambridge Friends School were major hits. The kids are all upset that it's over now. Parents and faculty alike were enthralled by "how good the play made everyone look" and how it was "like nothing that'd been done at the school before." Thank you, Arika for this wonderful opportunity. See you in space!

Warlords' 4th annual screening at Emerson College was a rockin' good time. Despite some technical difficulties at the start (that 'brand new' DV deck they have in the Vault hasn't been cleaned in like a decade -- and that's weird since it's only been there for a year) and despite the terrible sound system they have yet to replace, it went swimmingly.

All the shows were awesome, funny, kickass fun. Justin's "Zelda" project was my favorite, and not just because I filmed it, it really was the most crowd-pleasing. Celeste received numerous compliments for "Path of Shadows" and deduced it was the audience favorite. Go us! And to think I was worried about the lack of projects this year 'round. Everybody be want wonderful! And next year is still wide open.

Kibbles and Bits for all!

8th grade play & Walords back-to-back on Saturday!April 24, 2006
This Saturday April 29th, we have 4th annual Warlords screening at Emerson College, 7pm at the Bill Bordy Auditorium 216 Tremont Street, Boston. Come and see a fresh array of short action films made by Emerson students and alumni.

Earlier that day, the Eighth grade drama class at Cambridge Friends School will have a matinee performance of "Anywhere But Here", directed by Arika Cohen and featuring lighting design and video spots executed by yours truly. The Saturday show is at 1:30 pm and there is also a show this Friday April 28th at 7pm. See the CFS website for directions.

Wish me and everyone else luck this weekend's shows go off without a hitch... or infiltration by an undercover platypus of some kind.

Anything can happen in show business.

"Eisen" burning the midnight oil! Progress...?April 12, 2006
The fourth installment of Justin Caless' Eisen series had a rollicking good weekend and finishes principle photography tonight at Emerson, from 10pm to 2am! Yikes! How will I ever get home? I suppose I could just sleep in the Garden with all the opossums.

In other progress, Cambridge Friends School 8th grade spring production of Greenyl, Graynel is coming along for sure. I have begun cutting the two video spots for the play, mock news type stuff. Good times. They're gonna love it.

And apparently I'm cutting Vampre Game 3 from scratch? How did that happen? At least I'm not as busy as Justin, he has to cut together 4 projects (that I know of) in time for the April 29th screening. Everyone pray for him.

That's the sound of me waking up this morning. Woke up with a mad sunburn. We were filming Justin's "Zelda" short out in some gravel pit in the middle of Bolton. Not a cloud in the sky, photographer's dream, eh? I guess I was so captivated by the lighting condition, the probability of getting burnt from seven hours of exposure didn't enter my head. It wasn't so bad at the end of the day, but I suppose these things can develop.

I've always believed that you could never lose by putting the project ahead of your own health, and this time was no different: the footage looks freaking awesome :]

In your face, Ra!

DP to rescue Zelda! IMDB rocks my world two times!March 28, 2006
Update: You'll notice I haven't updated my portfolio in the past couple weeks, but that's just because these projects keep changing! Celeste's secret project not happening. "Eisen 3" will wait till May/June. The Glasseye Video -- who knows? I can't keep up! I've got a documentary to edit, dammit!

But I'm not too busy to help out a friend. An unnamed person dropped out of shooting Justin's "Zelda" action short and yours truly has taken the job. HiDef! Boo-ya!

Oh yes, and IMDB has once again come through. Of the 70+ projects I've crewed, shot and produced, only one other film besides "Strangler's Wife" actually appears on the database. And now IMDB has finally added "When Simon Sleeps" to my repertoire. Rock, rock on!

IMDB comes through! Warlords needing PR makeover!March 17, 2006
It is so. has squashed the efforts of the elusive "Jonathan Carr" in favor of yours truly. "Jonathan Carr" is no more; for Johnathan Carr has once again outdone his doppleganger. Check out my fresh imdb listing and note the official site link in the left-hand column. Go Team Mfish!

Yet as one door opens, another begins to close. Damn this drafty universe. Warlords, the action film production group and Emerson College, is in the red. What can we do? The show this year is hanging by a thread and there's no guarantee it will be as successful as shows in the past. It will have its moment in the sun (or moon, since it's at night) and will be but a distant memory come September.

The club is in danger of falling off the map. Too few underclassmen joing the club and too few projects in the works have left Warlords a shadow of what it once was. The problem as I see it, is our image.

I'm working on a number of ideas to help the club and really could use some help. I suppose everybody is just so damn busy, they can't help until after the show, so I guess we'll hold our efforts for next year. But this time things will be different.

New clip from drug documentary; projects' updates...March 3, 2006
Check out this new clip from my documentary about substance abuse. And I've got a couple new stills as well.

The new Reverend Glasseye music video has been postponed for whatever reason until May(?) and...

...much to my relief so has Eisen. Justin is pushing back production on the third installment of Eisen due to casting issues. Issues being we have no cast. This is good because now I can concentrate on revamping the websites and the other two films I have to finish in the same period of time... of which is a top secret project helmed by Celeste Green. I'd tell you more, but I'm afraid of what she might do to me.

Check out this picture taken last year of me with fellow microcinemaphile Jason Santo on production for his DVD. Just thought it was nifty : )

On the subject of title copyright regarding Hard Candy I recently looked this up on E! Online's Ask the Answer B!tch and was relieved. I mean, I knew the answer, but to hear it from the Answer B!tch means the world to me. I may just keep the title...

D2 done; dockie pulling weight; & another ID victim?February 13, 2006
DAEMON: PATH OF SHADOWS done and done. In a few weeks we should have a version with original music. In the meantime, enjoy!

Justin and I have been discussing preproduction on his latest endeavor Eisen in which I get to film an invisible girl! That sounds easy enough.

Arika has been talking with her eighth grade about their spring play... am I ready for a second go-around?

Check out my brother in his high school talent show! His first act was playing with his band, then later on he did his mysterious mystery act (he's the one playing guitar)

TMFKAHC (the movie formerly known as Hard Candy) is picking up where it left off. Just a couple more interviews to do and PHASE ONE will be complete. PHASE ONE being the first final cut of the film which I will screen for Medford Health Matters and maybe some other communities as well. PHASE TWO tbd...

In my search for a better title, ever since IMDB preempted my release of TMFKAHC with Sundance's own Hard Candy, I came upon another identity victim: me. Apparently someone named "Jonathan Carr" is trying to take credit for my PA'ing on The Strangler's Wife. Who is this mysterious Jonathan Carr and why does he presume to steal the identity of Johnathan Carr? Apparently IMDB overlooked the extensive detail of Strangler's Wife throughout my site.

Well, I wrote in to IMDB submitting my corrections and naturally plugging the site. We will know in 2 to 4 weeks if IMDB is truly the voice of the people...


'O' dazzles! D2 nearly done! HC identity victim!February 4, 2006
Daemon: Path of Shadows is nearly done, just a few minor changes to be made and we'll be all set to go for Dan Bucy's original score. Next stage in the Daemonverse is a graphic novel...

Othello was a major hit! Parents and teachers alike loved the show; they couldn't stop talking about how awesome the video segments were. I posted some stills from the videos as well as a couple clips. Check 'em out here

Also, it has been brought to my attention by an anonymous source that the title for my drug documentary Hard Candy had been swiped by some indie flick at last year's Sundance Festival. Added to this, it actually won some awards and now it's like a pop cult sensation of the ages! It's got little or nothing to do with drugs, and is fiction, so the coincidence ends with the name.

Now one cannot copyright a movie's title and I am under no obligation to change mine. But to avoid confusion with such a recent release, it is in the film's best interest for me to find an alias.

Come see OTHELLO this Friday, January 27th!January 20, 2006
The production of "Othello" at the Cambridge Friends School is in the final week of rehersal and the kids are still struggling with their lines. It's frustrating, but I'm sure they'll come through. I sacrificed some quality REM time to come through today with the film segments for the production. Check out this sick fight scene (which the kids coreographed) we filmed for the climax of the play.

And come see the show!! It's free!
FRIDAY JANUARY 27th at 6:00pm
at the Cambridge Friends School

Updates? We don't need no stinking updates!January 4, 2006
Happy New Year, Y'all!

Going back to film with the 8th graders on friday! Gotta get stuff done! I think it's gonna look good. Arika is happy with the footage thus far and I know the kids will like it. Can't wait for tech rehersal.

Justin has asked me to DP the third episode of his yet untitled four-part superhero serial. The third part will be filming after the fourth, for casting reasons, and I couldn't be happier since this gives me more time for prepro. BTW, does anyone know how to film an invisible character?

Come March, I'll be revamping my site along with the Warlords site... and this time I'm taking a byte out of the Apple! (get it?)

Hard Candy is still pressing on, despite the lack of reply to my deadline-extension request. I know they'll give me more time :) I just want to hear them say it in writing... er, uh - yeah.

and an Mfish in New Zeland? Sign me up, Peter Jackson!

Last APM show this monday! Dockie snowed in!December 15, 2005
This monday is the last show for this season of the Atomic Powered Millionaires! I saw their show last sunday and it rocked! Go see them!

I filled in as a substitute teacher for Arika's class last monday and that was awesome! The kids got all their work done and tommorrow we'll be filming the first video segments for Othello.

I got sick and had to stay in from the sub-zero temperatures this week, but got plenty of digitizing done for Hard Candy and am liking what I'm seeing. Had to reschedule an interview due to the blizzard last friday, but hopefully we'll get that done soon.


Can you say PRO-DUC-TIV-I-TY? [prō'dûk-tîv'î-tē-?]November 30, 2005
I spent the weekend assembling a "production expenses report" for Hard Candy. I hope the MCC likes it and will give it back to me when they're done :)

Justin announced his plans for a Team DangerForce SEQUEL?!?!! Sadly Geoffrey and Dre won't be around... which leaves more zombies for me, Celeste and the robot :] (robot smiley)

Geoffrey and Asterios have a new comedy show in Los Angeles! Overtime! Go see them Saturday, Decemebr 10th! And if you're on the east coast, don't forget to check out the Atomic Powered Millionaires all this month!

I checked out the final cut of Reverend Glasseye music video and it's awesome! Plans are already in the works for two more videos in the coming months, and eventually a DVD with concert footage courtesy of yours truly.

This week I continue my guest appearence at the Cambridge Friends School. Hopefully we'll start brainstorming ideas for the production of Othello.

More good things to come...

New comedy from APM; Dæmon wakes from coma...November 26, 2005
Hey, kids! The Atomic Powered Millionaires are back! This monday kicks off still yet another winter explosion tour! Well it's not exactly a tour, just one place really, the Improv Boston! Tell your parents to bring you and buy some cotton candy (for me)!

Monday, November 28th at 8pm
Monday, December 5th at 8pm
Sunday, December 11th at 7pm
Monday, December 19th at 8pm

In other news... the long-awaited Dæmon quasi-prequel "Path of Shadows" has risen from the coma I put it in last August. Check out some screenshots and if you haven't already, watch the teaser. I imagine it will be done sometime after Christmas, but you never know. I have to finish Hard Candy first and then it's clear sailing.

Superheroes, 8th graders and pumpkin pie...November 21, 2005
Princible photography of episode one of Justin Caless'ss super-untitled Superhero serial-movie series is in the can!! Or the tape case, I suppose. Yes, my neighborhood has bore the brunt of yet another Warlords production and survived. Off to post poduction!

Arika's sevevth and eighth grade classes were awesome. They loved my reel, and we had loads of fun with this storyboard exercise I gave them. They're a good bunch. Othello is going to be very cool.

I'm going up to NH for Thanksgiving, but taking my work with me. I'm using the time to log my dockie footage so I can jump into post right after pumpkin pie. Oh yes... there will be pie...

And by the way, Mfish is apparently instrumental in finding the cure for cancer. Go us!!

The Crusades, the concert and a camera quandry...November 14, 2005
Boo-YA!! The Crusades are now on The Mfish! Watch it in eight short chapters just like a radio play! Each one more gripping and puzzling than the last! Also, check out 14 new screenshots from Crusades (the last two rows).

The Reverend Glasseye CD release concert was AWESOME!!! Buy their new CD
Their concert videos I've been filming are great and are going to make for one hell of a DVD! Thank you, Dre for letting me borrow your small JVC to shoot hardcore!!

However... there is another JVC camera out there that is not living up to its name. Justin's JVC Hi-Def camcorder has hit a snag and we don't know what's wrong with it. Sending it to get repaired will push back production on his superhero serial quite a bit. We'll keep you apprised as things develop...

Reverend Glasseye CD release show @ Middle East...November 7, 2005
This saturday Novemeber 12th, Reverend Glasseye celebrates the release of their new CD "Our Lady of the Broken Spine" by playing the Middle East Downstairs along with World/Inferno Friendship Society, Ho-Ag, HUMANWINE. The show is 18+ and cover is $10.

I'll be one of the several cameras capturing this most joyful occasion. C u there!

Another news, Justin Caless' superhero series had a great first day of filming last saturday. I got to play dead!

And guess who'll be teaching filmmaking for a day at the Cambridge Friends School... ...ME!!! Arika has asked me to come in to teach her 7th and 8th grade classes about the fundamentals of filmmaking as a preamble to discussing the multimedia class production of "Othello".

This will be fun :)

Asterios and Geoffrey 'Bear' all on new comedy shortOctober 28, 2005
Asterios Kokkinos and Geoffrey Golden have completed a 5-minute comedy short called "Bearventure!" Asterios has described it as "involving bears heavily" and that "it will make you laugh and laugh and laugh and stop." His exact words. It's adorable. Keep up the good work, fellas!

"Jane" not yet wrapped, Justin's new saga et al...October 17, 2005
One more scene to do for "See Jane" and then we are wrapped for prinicble photography. Justin Caless in preproduction for his epic new episodic superhero saga extravaganza! Well it's not that big. And apparently he'll be shooting part of it at my house! Yeah!

Also, Arika has employed me to aid in her 8th grade drama class production of "Othello". We are going to incorporate video in the theatrical production à la "Rocky Horror". Aw, yeah.

I've been sick this last week and haven't done much at all :( But feeling better now and am ready to kick some more ass with my dockie n'cetera. Boo-ya!

Oh! and check some more TAZ I dug up from the Meat Grinder!

Good weekend for Glasseye video and "See Jane"October 4, 2005
After filming "See Jane" friday for 16 hours, I had the privilege of overseeing an awesome two-day intensive shoot for the Reverend Glasseye music video "Seventeen Lashes"! Whoa, baby! Rock and roll never tasted so good! Go see them November 12th at the Middle East downstairs!

Btw, check out this short short clip of Glasseye at the Freedom Rally (featuring my brother CJ dancing a storm with some unidentified mystery girl...)

Oh yeah, crunch time (and you know what that means)September 29, 2005
Filmed an interview today, part of which may be here on the site as part of some clips from my still-in-production drug dockie. Shot some of "See Jane" last sunday. Shooting again friday... until 2am. Then shooting the Reverend Glasseye music video saturday and sunday. Holy Shnikies! How will he do it all!?

Also, TeamDangerForce will be at the Student Video Fest at the Collidge Corner Theatre October 11th! Be there!

WARLORDS takes over Emerson Org Fair 2005!September 16, 2005
Hey! if you're looking at this news brief chances are you just signed up for the WARLORDS mailing list, or perhaps you are just curious what its all about. I'm an Emerson alum who has been with Warlords from the start and want to see it stay strong. One of the projects this year will be making an exclusive Warlords website, but for now it's an extension of my site. Go to the WARLORDS main page and you'll find videos, screenshots, and an ever-maturing body of work that rivals any studio in Hollywood... or at least Hoboken.

Status report: All systems awesome! For now...September 15, 2005
Hard Candy is plowing its way through the sand dunes (figurative sand dunes). Got in a couple more interviews, had some hiccups, and more stuff to come. Daemon 2 is taking a back seat to HC, See Jane and the Glasseye Video. Sorry for the delay, Celeste. Hope you're enjoying Sunny LA!

A little something before I go on vacation...August 6, 2005
To the few of you who can actually view this site and do... a little something for you before I'm away. A teaser for Daemon 2


Retro stuff! So old, they\'re new! Maybe you forgot!August 3, 2005
New stills! Just a coupla projects I did in high school. I'm still proud of what I did then, though I wouldn't do them the same way now.

Time Present
A PSA from the Mfish

Also, see the 60-second Vampire Game TV Spot I made for this upcoming independent TV contest thingy, and possibly a bonus clip...?

And this one's for you, Ari... check out the heartfelt (and EVVY winning) Fallen Iris

Compy back from the dead! Daemon 2 makes headway!August 1, 2005
The second Daemon installment, which I have tentatively titled "Path of Shadows" had a great all-day shoot last saturday. Just a handful of B-roll to grab which might wait till I get back from New Hampshire. The dazzling Celeste Green came all the way down from Maine to be in the film. Thank you, Celeste! See you when you get back from LA!

Oh and thank you Ray, for fixing the computer! See you at Fenway!

Troubles at home... ...but hope for the futureJuly 20, 2005
Folks, our home PC has committed suicide. So needless to say I won't be updating this site much (content wise) until it is... um... brought back from the dead? Yes. Zombie-compy we will call it, and we'll pick up where we left off. Luckily I was able to get in a bunch of changes before that happened, like my new bio the LOL additions and more Warlords videos. If my site hasn't changed by the end of the month, then it's time to panic.

Let me bring you up to speed...July 17, 2005
Ok so we've added alot in these last few months, and I was waiting to add alot more until announcing any changes, but its gonna be another week or so for more stuff. If you haven't already seen this stuff, here's a brief recap:

Vampire Game DVD teaser
Team DangerForce
Renovated warlords pages, featuring Orosz' Redemption and Aaron McLane's Titus!
New VIDEO page!
and still more to come later this month...

A great weekend for Lucas Lee's "Hunted" homage!June 26, 2005
Lucas, Omar, Carlo and I had a blast filming yesterday, despite a near-record heat index. We found great spot on a hill in the in the Middlesex Fells woods and held our ground for ten hours. Lucas modelled this short film from the climactic knife fight in William Friedkin's The Hunted. The plan was to film the scene shot-for-shot and I think we pulled it off. I handled the gore (my first time!) and was happy with how most the FX came out, but alas we hadn't the time to make everything perfect. I hope to have stills from the shoot within a month or so.

Work Warriors and Daemon screening in Harvard Sq!June 10, 2005
"The Papercut Zine Library" presents...
.......The Cock Ball......

with performances by:
Bread & Roses
The Big Bang Cirkus Sideshow
The Outfielders
and Noisette

with filmworks by
and Johnathan Carr

Friday, June 17th - 7pm
45 Mt. Aubrun Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA
$5 (suggested donation)

Very soon...May 31, 2005
oh yes. this site is getting a retrofit for the summer. Mackies and Mozillians will now be welcome into the world of art and anarchy that is MFISH! SOOOOOON!

Original soundtrack for Daemon! Off to the E3!May 13, 2005
An original score has been completed for Daemon, a live-action teaser for the video game of the same name. We were having trouble finding a good soung for the montage at the end. But at the zero hour (or is it the eleventh hour?) CJ loaned me some songs he had recorded and one of them fit perfectly. Thanks, CJ! I'll have that song as well as the Daemon teaser on this site soon. Daemon is now off to the E3 in Los Angeles to be shopped around to investors and game developers! Wish us luck!

New comedy from Atomic Powered Millionaires!May 4, 2005
My good friends The Atomic Powered Millionaires have a new show this month at the ImprovBoston! And check out their revamped website! Break a leg Millionaires!

Warlords screening -- An amesome show!May 2, 2005
Wow!! What a great show we had last night! Despite some drama early on, finishing the final reel last minute and all, the show went off without a hitch. Kudos to our audience for chilling for the first 25 minutes while we resolved that little problem. Here are some highlights of the screening:

Freshman Anders Nelson as the ethereal Mortimer! What a find!
Justin as Titus in Aaron McLane's Tarantino nod to the Bard!
An excellent fight sequence clip from Dave's Redemption!
End of Angels teaser, so good it was cruel!
and of course...
Work Warriors, Vampire Game, Daemon and Dangerforce!

Congrats all!

Principle photography finished on Orosz' RedemptionApril 30, 2005
Redemption has completed its principle photography! Congrats, Dave! Sorry I wasn't more enthusiastic about it last night, but I still had alot more to do for the screening 2moro. Sorry you won't be able to make it. But everyone else should come and see the teaser for Redemption as well as many other great things! Check out some hot pix from Redemption in Still Gallery 2.

Daemon locks picture... awaiting original score...April 30, 2005
The final cut of Daemon is... um... finalized. There is a temporary score in place right now, while my composer works up some fresh tracks. Those who have seen Daemon have nothing but good things to say about it. I hope to have it on this site next month sometime.

Mfish gets shining review from MicroCinema!April 30, 2005
This week the Mfish website was highlighted by my good friends at Check out the article here! Thank you Jay!

End of Angels and Vampire 4 pixApril 29, 2005
Check out Gallery 2 for new pix of End of Angels and the fourth installment of Vampire Game. And don't forget to come to the Bill Bordy Theatre at Emerson College on Sunday May 1st @ 7pm for the annual Warlords Screening!

Macs don't like me? What I ever do to them?April 14, 2005
Apparently Mac browsers aren't reading the html on my site. What is that about? I thought everything PC could be used with Mac, but not the other way. We didn't do anything special here, just simple html and php code. I don't understand. But my contact at Mac headquarters is on the case... godspeed!

Warlords Premiere Sunday, May 1st !!April 14, 2005
The Third Annual Warlords Premiere will be held at Emerson College on May 1st !!!! The event will take place at 7pm in the "Bill Bordy Auditorium" otherwise known as "The Vault" at 216 Tremont Street in Boston. We'll be showing all six episodes of "Work Warriors" and the conclusion of "The Vampire Game" as well as a number of other short films !!
Be there or suffer the consequences!**

** consequences may include boredom

Daemon teaser enters post production...April 11, 2005
A teaser for the video game "Daemon" has entered post-production. The game, for which I will be directing the cinematics, is a psychological RPG thriller about a man struggling with his inner demons. We have created a live-action teaser that sets up the storyline and demonstrates some unique mechanics of gameplay. Check Still Gallery 1 for images from Daemon!

Documentary production going smoooothly thus far...April 11, 2005
Hard Candy, my documentary on substance abuse is going well so far. I've got six interviews in the can as of last week. My goal is at least 25 by October. I just hope the summer months don't make things more difficult, with people going away and all. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine. I'll have some stills and soundbytes from the film on the site in late May.

Dave Orosz' Redemption making headway...April 11, 2005
Dave Orosz is making great progress with his first feature, Redemption. As far as I know, and you can correct me on this Dave, it is more than halfway done. We've had quite a trip so far filming in the back alleys of Boston's seedy underbelly. I'm amazed we're all still in one piece. Well, I think the movie is gonna look really good. Dave should have a teaser ready for the Warlords Premiere May 1st.

Oh yeah!April 11, 2005
Yes folks, years in the coming, three-and-a-half months in the making and here it is for your enjoyment! Watch some movies! Write some zen! Get away from your busy lives slaving over cluttered desks and staring at computer screens all day! It's time to go outside and live your life! But don't forget your laptop and your Blackberry!

Mysterious Punch accepted to Channel 102 screeningMarch 29, 2005
Earlier this month, Geoffrey Golden's "Mysterious Punch in the Face" was accepted to the monthly screening at Channel 102 in New York. It didn't get picked up as a series, but whatever. We know it's hilarious. Download it!
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