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In case you're wondering...November 8, 2012
...why I haven't updated much in the last 3 years is because I've actually been so busy with awesome projects that I haven't had the time. But that's a good thing! :-D In the meantime, the internet has changed a bit and my plan moving forward is a serious redesign of a good chunk of the site. If you want to know what I'm up to just contact me!

a million little things...April 4, 2012
In the process of producing a million little things while steadily gearing up for my most ambitious project yet, just you wait :)

Mfish 2009 production year-in-review! 2010 in like a lion!January 27, 2010
This past year was so busy! But let's see, where did we leave off?

In April, I filmed scenes at Boston's historic Charles Street Inn for Laura Duggan's one-woman play "Mrs. Jack of Fenway Court" about the life and times of Isabella Stewart Gardener. That was very cool, I'll be posting some clips soon.

May started off right with my first ever 48 Hour Film Project where I met some very cool new collaborators. Our film Thief Jerky even got into the 48 Film Project's "Best of Boston" finals.

After helping on my last Cambridge Friends School theater production, the school asked me to film their first annual Music Festival and cut together a promotional video. I think it came out very well have a look! Since then I've been doing more promotional videos for the school's annual fundraiser. I expect to finish the third and final promo next month.

In June I finally got to work with two very cool local artists, filmmaker Chelsea Spear and actor Dennis Hurley. Chelsea and I had known each other only in passing for years, but now we actually got to collaborate on two shorts together, including shooting one on her old Fisher Price PXL-2000 which is freaking nifty.

Dennis Hurley made a crew call for Matt Martino's Drachen Recruitment Experiment and I had nothing to do that weekend, so I went for it and once again met some very cool collaborators! From there, Dennis put me in touch with Justin Fielding who was looking for a second DP for his indie Clerks-esque feature "Inventory". We filmed for 10 or 12 days over several weeks in the summer at Matress Warehouse in Norwell.

The fall of '09 got even cooler when I was hired to film a scavenger hunt for filmmaker Niq Brynolfson's bachelor party. While we were "scavenging" throughout Charlestown, we actually ran into the production of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz's action comedy pic Knight and Day who had shut down a mile stretch of Rutherford Ave for an action sequence. But we didn't mind : )

Boston indie rockers Aloud were invited to play at the College Music Journal's annual CMJ fest in October and they asked me if we could do the multimedia Witness show that we did the November before. We rocked the Glasslands club in Brooklyn with a modified "Witness" show, and it was the first screening of my work in New York City ; )

October was also a return to Emerson College, for a weekend at least. Grad student Jim Lopezzo made a crew call for his masters' thesis, and I was feeling nostalgic so I offered my services as script supervisor. We filmed a short called "Fire Road" in the woods of Leominster, MA and Jim is in the process of submitting it to festivals. During that shoot, I met actor/writer Avi Love who told me about an animated film noir short he is directing and asked me if I could design the sound. Sure! Look for that later this year.

In November, Dennis Hurley contacted me saying he had written a script for a short film called "Once Again" and that he wanted me to direct. We filmed the first act just a week and a half ago and plan to resume filming in August after Dennis undergoes a major body-training regimen. This is a very cool project, and I'm thrilled to be at the helm.

Improv Asylum asked me to shoot their annual 24-hour No Rest for the Wicked Funny improv-a-thon fundraiser for Globe Santa which aired on TV38. Very neat.

Not to be out-done, the American Repertory Theater asked me to produce a master video of their highly popular Donkey Show which has been running since late August. I filmed four performances over New Year's weekend, the final four shows of the original cast, and I'm mixing in some additional footage shot by audience members and resident director Allegra Libonati. And even though I'm cutting three other projects right now, I plan to have the video done by the end of February.

Speaking of February, my brother CJ will be leaving for New Zealand soon and I'm trying to get him to finish the audio for his "Mountain Dew" experiment, and not to mention his new album for music I want to score the Walden Pond project we did in October -- a video I'll cut for him as a gift while he's away. I'm gonna miss him ) ;

Oh yeah, I'll also finish the FX stuff for Airestar but it'll have to wait till after February.

As for the future... well... let me sum up: a screenwriting merger, a couple radio dramas and in case you're wondering why my portfolio hasn't been updated since June, it's because I'm putting all my web resources and time into re-vamping the site. It will be worth the wait.

No rest for the wicked indeed.

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